Different Types Of Garage Door Designs

A door is not just a door. It can serve a lot of functions including that of serving as a security mechanism, an entrance way, and can also serve as a statement of style for your home. There are different types of doors for your house that you can choose from, but what about some eye candy for your cars home? This might not seem like the most important feature to take into consideration, but it does add a lot of value to your house thus making you very proud of it and on how it looks.

There are different types of garage doors out on the market. Each of them is manufactured in various forms and have different looks.ertydrte

Garage door types

1. Roller garage doors

Roller garage doors are an extremely versatile selection. They roll vertically up and down and fit into a small space above the door. They are ideal for those with short driveways who are limited for space as they do not swing outwards but they roll up around a drum above the opening. In most cases this type of doors is automated. It is a great feature as you don’t have to leave your car. With a press of a button, your garage door will open. This particular type of door is very convenient to the elderly and very favorable during bad weather.

They are quite modern and available in a variety of colors like these designs here. They are usually manufactured to your exact specifications, therefore, fit exactly to your garage without leaving any gaps around the edges.

2. Up-over garage doors

They are the most common type of garage doors. They swing out ant then uphanging overhead in the garage hence their name. One major disadvantage of these doors is that for those who have a limited driveway space. They do not allow the car to be parked close since it can be damaged in the process of opening the garage door. In most cases, these doors are manual and are not automated.

The up and over door fall into two major categories, first the canopy; this one gives the maximum drive through width when the door is opened. Secondly, we have the retractable which has to lift arms that are sitting down the side. The retractable one retracts fully into the garage when open.

3. Sectional garage doors

rftggsfdewdThey slide up and overhead. They are made using four to six different panels. Unlike the other types of doors like up and over, sectional doors do not require space outside the garage to enable them open. They are popularly made out of vinyl, wood, and steel.

In most instances, the sectional doors give the maximum drive through width and height. They usually have a spring system that helps the door operate smoothly. This mechanism is especially useful on large doors. These doors are unique as they are required by law to guard against finger entrapment between the panels. This makes them very safe.

4. Swing hung

This is the traditional garage door. It is a hinged door, and it opens upward. It is not recommended for those who have a limited driveway space as it requires a lot of room when opened.

You are advised to take into consideration the length and type of driveway that you have when purchasing a garage door.