A Review Of The best Circular Saw Brands


Circular saws have seen a great revolution in the woodwork due to their effectiveness and efficiency. As much as it is a power tool to cut small pieces of wood during the woodwork, such jobs can be considered as the most tasking and many in the woodwork industry. The tool is easy to use, and most carpenters acknowledge its ease of use. In a nutshell, all reputable woodwork workshops ought to own the Best Circular Saws. If you are looking into buying one, then you can consider one of the reviewed circular saws below

Some of the best circulars saw brands on the market today

Makita circular saws

dfgdfgdfgdfgfgfdgMakita is a Japanese company which deals with power tools. Across the globe, Makita is highly praised for the production of very efficient power tool. It is also recognized for the production of cordless tools which come with up to 18 V lithium-ion batteries to power its devices. One of the best circular saws they currently have in the market is Makita 5007 MGA. This magnesium component tool has passed the test of time by proving to be very efficient courtesy of its 15AMP motor. Since circular saws are equally dangerous like any other electric saw, Makita has added the electric emergency stop making it a safe tool to use.

Bosch circular saws

Another power tool giant with a vast range of tools on the market. This German based company has placed its branches all over the world to make sure that people are enjoying its products. The company has been in existence for over a century now. Bosch circular saws are equally good with their best currently being the CCS180B model. The circular saw is cordless and powered by a reliable 18V battery. This feature makes the circular saw very convenient for mobility.

Dewalt circular saws

fdgfdgdgdfgdgfdgThis company’s circular saws will always dominate the top ten list of any reviewer. The American brand has penetrated all over the world with its power tools. Since most American prefer the DIY jobs, this company has penetrated that market conveniently. For instance, the Dewalt DWS535 circular saw is considered the simplest to use by any amateur. It is a very affordable tool that gives you a 4,800 RPM and a strong cord to prevent accidents.


Any of the three circular saw brands discussed above will rarely disappoint you. They are always working to improve their power tools and releasing the best to customers. Consider one of their best circular saws during your next purchase.