Door Styles For Your Home

Door Styles For Your Home

We tend to think that a door is just meant to close an opening. A door, however, is a mechanism for security as well as an entrance to your home. It is also a statement of style for the home. Doors come in different types, and you have a broad range of options to choose from depending on the design of your home.

Different styles for your home doors

Double doorsBlue door

These equally require a wide entrance way. It has two doors that open at the center. Like pivot doors, they come in many designs like glass, wood or even glass panels in wood.

Pivot doors

This is a door type that is usually wider than the standard door. For it to fit, you need to have a wide entrance. Pivot door often pivots on hinges that hold the bottom and the top of the door rather than on the sides. It is ideal for the main entrance to your house. You may custom made the door in different designs to suit your home need.

Solid doors

These are doors that are made from solid wood. The type of timber used depend on the design of you desire. They are mainly useful for doors inside the house but can work even for main entrances

Side light doors

The design of this door is such that it comes with an additional panel made of glass on the side. This way it allows you to add a window element to your design thereby allowing more light into the home. It serves as an excellent option for your main entrance.

 Internal veneer doors

These are doors that have a surface finish that makes them look elegant. Most people prefer them for the entrances into their bedrooms.

Sliding and folding doors

Fold and slide doors just like the name suggests, fold or slide open to one side. They easily close and are excellent for patios.

Internal glass doors

It is a modern door that hasBeautiful bedroom a wooden frame and a large glass panel that can be transparent or opaque. Depending on your choice of design, you can have the opaque glass that allows in your passageway or a clear glass that lets you see through the door.

There are various types of doors for use at your home. They also come in many designs hence giving you a lot of options to choose from.…

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